Should every business be using LinkedIn?

With more than 706 million users worldwide LinkedIn is the premier social media platform for businesses and professionals globally, but is it right for every business when there are other platforms with more users, such as Facebook.

LinkedIn is primarily a business platform

The first consideration is who are your target clients and what channels do they use to look for products and services. If you mainly focus on B2C and sell directly to customers then Facebook, Instagram or TikTok may be more useful. Where LinkedIn really stands out is within the B2B market.

One of the biggest advantages of LinkedIn is that is a professional platform rather than a social platform which means that users primary purpose for using it is for business. People want to network with relevant industry users, share and review thought leadership pieces and potentially the most importantly to connect with relevant suppliers or customers.

LinkedIn profile

A platform built for marketing

LinkedIn has been built with marketing functionality at its core. Build brand awareness with a company page, promote a product or service with a dedicated showcase page, and build credibility by creating posts on areas of your expertise. By connecting to relevant contacts and prospects you can create a network

Not only is LinkedIn good for showcasing your expertise and opinions, but also a great place to hear what customers are saying, and to learn what problems they are facing and what it is that is important to them.

Precise targeting of contacts and organisations

LinkedIn offers the ability to target specific audience using email, sponsored posts. Where this differs from other platforms or paid advertising through search engines is that it can be very precise. LinkedIn is able to specify locations, organisations and job functions within those criteria to make very targeted campaigns to reach the exact audience that you want to promote to.

LinkedIn Ads

Final Thoughts

There are many benefits to using LinkedIn from increasing brand awareness, showcase products and services, and establish a network of contacts and prospects, but as a platform it is very focussed on B2B. For those targeting B2C there are other more suitable social platforms to use, but even these businesses shouldn’t dismiss the opportunities that LinkedIn offers to grow a brand and establish connections. Lastly having a profile on LInkedIn can help build awareness and enhance your credibility to competitors, suppliers and customers.

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