Why having Google My Business is good for your business?

Help customers find your business

Most businesses are missing out on one of the best marketing tools to promote themselves to local customers. Google My Business appears in Google Searches, provides credibility and helps convert visitors to customers through reviews and recommendations.

1. Appear more credible

When someone searches online for a products or services, they also look for evidence that the business offering. these products and services are real companies, and that they reliable and trustworthy.

Whilst a website is the equivalent of a shop front, there are other pointers that may determine whether a customer ‘walks into’ your online store. Appearing in the worlds main search engine as a bona fide company is like rolling out the welcome mat to any passersby. Equally a Google My Business listing without a logo, photos or a description is the equivalent of finding a shop with boarded-up windows.

2. Appear in local searches

More than 80% of people search the web to find local information using keywords like “in Surrey” or “near me”. When you set up your Google My Business profile, you create you a listing with a verified address., so by creating a profile you will automatically appear in organic searches on the right-hand-side of the page, in the ‘Knowledge Panel’. The average website gets 168 views a month from have a profile.

3. Showcase who you are

Your Google My Business profile is more than just basic information, as you are able to add images or photographs, create and share posts, answer customer questions, and even add a ‘Call to Action’ button to take to a specific part of your website or to make a booking or send a message.

4. Engagement and Reviews

Customers are able to leave reviews on your profile, which allows you to comment and engage with them. You can access your profile through a mobile phone or tablet and so building relationships online can be easy and timely.

5. Google Ads

The final benefit of Google My Profile is that it connects to Google Ads, which can be used for targeted paid marketing your product or service. Google Ads can be used (without having to place adverts) to gain insights such as number of visitors to your listing, what photos they clicked on, where they were located when they made the search, and what they did next.

Google My Business is a great free service that all organisations should make use of to promote their activities and to also gain insights into how potential customers interact with you when making a search. Research shows that business with a complete profile are 29% more likely to attract purchases.

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