How we crafted an online personality: children’s book designer and illustrator.

Stephanie Drake is a talented children’s book designer and illustrator. She had multiple websites to showcase her professional portfolio as well as a more personal online retail store which offered bicycle inspired home decorations. Stephanie was looking for a way to not only unify her online presence, but to build something that truly showcased her work, passions and personality.

As a client Stephanie was great to work with as she had a clear vision of what she was looking to achieve with her online presence, had a wealth of content, and was given her background in book development and management, very organised. We were able to create a visually exciting website with lots of personality.

Using Bebe Bicyclette’s colourful logo as the colour palette for the whole website really makes it pop out of the screen, and whilst adding playful elements, such as flying birds and aeroplanes, glowing stars or rotating halloween images, this does not detract from the very serious business of showcasing a professional portfolio.

Bebe Bicyclettes online shop can also be found here.

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